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The Language Barrier

Canadians love living in a bilingual country – at least, 80 per cent of us do – according to a 2016 Nielsen survey. Since the Official Languages Act was passed in 1969, Canada’s linguistic duality has played a crucial role in the unification of the culturally diverse country we call home. Now, in 2016, many… Read more »

The “Canadian Experience” Barrier

Canada has decided to accept more highly skilled and educated immigrants, with Immigration Minister John McCallum claiming that this change will “lay the foundation for future growth.” However, many immigrants in Canada are finding that their lack of Canadian work experience is leaving them unemployed or working in jobs that they are overqualified for. Since… Read more »

The Confidence Barrier

Frank O’dea, co-founder of Second Cup, began dealing with alcoholism at the age of 13 and was homeless by the time he entered his 20s. It was a long and arduous battle to the success he enjoys today. “I had no cellphone, no address and the top of my resume was panhandling — not a lot of… Read more »

Barriers to Employment

At Suits his Style, we are dedicated to helping men in need in the community prepare for job interviews by providing them with suits and other professional work attire. Once our clients have found a job, we offer a secondary service where we provide clients with a week’s worth of professional day-to-day work clothes. Over… Read more »