Barriers to Employment

At Suits his Style, we are dedicated to helping men in need in the community prepare for job interviews by providing them with suits and other professional work attire. Once our clients have found a job, we offer a secondary service where we provide clients with a week’s worth of professional day-to-day work clothes.

Over the past two years, we have been privileged to help people from a variety of social and economic backgrounds.

We know that unemployment is not a reflection of the person, but a reflection of the circumstances.

Even so, we tend to measure our self-worth on the success, or absence, of our careers.

To help our clients get through this difficult time in their lives, we discovered one of the best things we could do is let them know they are not alone.

That is why we are urging you to share the story of a barrier you have experienced to employment.

Together, we can show that a person’s worth is bigger than a job

Feel free to share privately with us via email and have your story anonymously posted to our blog or Tweet @SuitshisStyle using the hash tag #Barriers2Work

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