About Us

Suits his Style is an Ottawa-based, charity that supports the employment opportunities of men in need by providing professional attire with the vision of a world in which everyone is given the opportunity to excel.

Suits his Style helps reduce poverty in our community by providing interview clothing and/or industry appropriate clothing to low income, unemployed men in need of employment. Chronic joblessness creates a strain on an individual, his family and more broadly, our community. By providing job-ready men with appropriate interview attire, Suits his Style helps a man find/gain employment; enabling him to support himself, his family, and contribute more fully to Canadian society.

Professional attire is a critical factor in making a solid first impression and communicating confidence to a prospective employer. For economically disadvantaged men who are actively seeking a job, a lack of professional attire can be a barrier to employment and a man’s long term financial success.

The Solution

Suits his Style seeks to tackle this obstacle and expand a man’s economic opportunities by working with job-ready men from vulnerable populations to improve their chances when taking part in job interviews.

Suits his Style currently offers two services: a pre-employment suiting, and a post-employment suiting. The pre-employment suiting service provides men with one to two full suits and all necessary accessories (belts, shoes, ties) to complete the outfit for an upcoming or anticipated interview. After a client secures employment, the post-employment suiting services provides work-appropriate clothing ranging from casual wear to additional suits.

Clients are coached on proper interview etiquette, fashion/style advice and how to care for their new suit. Suits his Style will provide additional services such as style workshops, job retention workshops and tracking of local job fairs and employment opportunities in the near future.

Since August 2014:

Over 1700+ economically disadvantaged people have accessed Suits his Style services; helping them to find the right suit and build the confidence needed to succeed in any job interview.

Over 68% of these people have found employment, started their own businesses or returned to school since accessing our services.

Over 90 partners and employment agencies refer economically disadvantaged men to our services.

Helped over 200 people find professional clothing for internship programs, court dates, professional development programs, immigration hearings, graduations, weddings, funerals and prom.

Volunteer to make a difference in the life of an Ottawa man in need!

Volunteers are the backbone of Suits his Style. Volunteering with Suits his Style is a unique opportunity to directly impact the lives of men and their families through challenging and rewarding work.

The impact of your time is immediately clear when volunteering with Suits his Style; men who are chronically unemployed visibly have more self-confidence by the end of their appointment.

You also can gain experience in social work while helping men back on their feet, to support themselves and their families.

“Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light.” – Norman B. Rice

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